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Our core values

One primary aspiration courses through all the work we perform: 

to bring the cardinal values of craftsmanship - dedication, expression and passion - to the world of IT and technology.

It is our vociferous belief that the best systems can only be produced when there is an strong commitment to the highest standards; standards that come above all from the intrinsic value of producing beautiful designed objects.

Build to last
We believe that when one produces an information management system, cloud product or an app, if it is created with a craftman’s eye for refined, attuned systems. All the other demands and vicissitudes of rigorous design fall then into place.

Best results
Our core value, around which all our other qualities spin, is this:
beautiful design has value in and of itself, and when one dedicates oneself to it, the best results necessarily flow:

 1. Trust, empathy and responsibility
If there is one overriding purpose for IT systems, it is to install confidence and trust with the way that individuals handle information and data. This, ofcourse, is much more than technical issues of trust. We mean trust between individuals as well: will my data be used by others or is it confidential?
Without trust,  whole IT projects may quickly fall apart.
That is why we are meticulous with every product we build, and are excited about the small differences that make your team trust each other and the software they use.
Our designs are directly supposed to encourage trust, empathy and responsibility.

2. Love for beauty
The love for beautiful systems allows us to automatically look at all projects from a calm and measured perspective, and judge the success and demands of the system based on what will make it function the best. This perspective allows us to avoid building systems or solutions that are compromised by lack of effort, the whims of business practice, "feature creap", or anything else.

3. Passion
Our craftsmanship is synonymous with doing things, in and of themselves, with passion. This allows us to do our job with patience and discipline, which directly feeds into the end product, not to mention every phase in between!

 4. Trust and privacy
There is a direct link between our design  practices and values, and the moral values as a business we hold. We are dedicated to a method that leaves no stone unturned, no corner cut, and no compromise made in the striving to deliver the best available product specifically for you and your needs.
When we say we deliver products that engender trust, it goes beyond just business efficacy. We think trust ist the key of every system design and business practice.

 5. Co-Creation: The best ideas win
We want to empower individuals with technology that is built constructively and purposefully.
Our systems are based on the principles of  honest dialogue.
We believe that the best idea always wins.

Through open and honest discussion decisions, products can be produced that are better than what one brain can come up with.
Similarly, we feel that every customer’s personal experience in the world, and with their business model offers  new avenues to grow mutually. We co-create our solutions with our customers and together we understand complexities and refine our skills.
The power of ideas always floods into the power of design.

 6. Informal settings
Our core value of craftsmanship means that we want to work closely with you. We are more than just an email address or a faceless entity.
For this to work well,  informal settings and establishing long term relationships work best. Because they encourage trust.
And when trust exists between people, much better results are produced.