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Agile - Made for change 

Your organisation is constantly changing and growing - people come and go, knowledge evolves and processes improve over time. 

Your digital landscape needs to reflect this: your IT infrastructure and your organisation should work seamlessly together - even when things change - whilst always ensuring that the highest levels of security are maintained. 

This is why we like to think of our software as a series of personalised prototypes: there is always enough agility to keep track of your changing organisations, while maintaining the highest level of security. 

Dr. Lars Perk, Operational manager Cyclotron facility at Radboud Translational Medicine 

I am continually impressed by the great degree of care, and the long-term attention to detail. Complexity has been reduced immensely.

Priced for SMEs

Our custom build software and services build a bridge between demands for performance and cost-efficiency, while offering high levels of security and compliance.

WIth our solutions, total cost of ownership is considerably lower than with off-the-shelf software, because the systems fit tightly to your organisation’s unique dynamics. Everything is designed to be approachable and understandable. Your team will know exactly how to navigate through our software. This saves  considerable costs on training and maintenance. 

Discover how our knowledge can boost your enterprise 

1. Web-Based Applications that are agile, powerful, intuitive and secure. 
2. Fast, secure websites, with optional backend for high SEO rankings.
3. iOS and Android apps 
4. IT-Consulting 
5. Security Audits (ISO27001)
6. Independent security advise on Sharepoint and Yammer

knowledge at your fingertips

People first

knowledeatwork crafts certified software and offers expert IT-consulting. 

Our products and  services are specifically designed to the needs of your organisation. We  encourage trust, empathy and responsibility, while protecting security and privacy. 

Whatever we make, we begin with you, the user. (Read about our core values here).